Setting up an online store

Setting Up an Online Store

If you have a vision of working from a laptop while an ecommerce business makes money for your on autopilot, you can start an online store of your own. Below are the steps needed to do. Some can be accomplished in a day. Others will take a little time. Deciding on a Niche The niche is what… Read more »

Google my business

Google My Business, Small Business Necessity

Google My Business is a remarkable tool for small businesses that permits them to manage their online presence. Google is the market leader of all online searches. It generates 6.5 percent of the queries made in the U.S. Local searches result in 50 percent visiting stores within 24 hours. The first piece of information wanted… Read more »

Best E-Commerce Platform

The Best E-Commerce Platform

The Best E-Commerce Platform It is confusing to businesses when selecting an e-commerce platform for an online store. Bigcommerce, Shopify, and Magento are among the increasing number of e-commerce platforms. WooCommerce backs many users when selecting a suitable platform. WooCommerce is free. Advanced features have plugins. The extensions make WooCommerce the most widely used platform…. Read more »

Best website building platforms

What Are the Best Website Building Platforms?

What is a website building platform? Website building platforms are ideal for small businesses and individuals. They allow creating a website without the help of a developer. Finding the best one is tricky. There is a lengthy list of website builders on the market. Which is the right one for you? Before choosing from one… Read more »

Responsive Web Design

The Importance of Responsive Design

The Importance of Responsive Design Google uses an updated search engine algorithm. It factors in the mobile presence of a website as a ranking signal. A site on a smartphone needs to be user-friendly. Without it, brands lose out on leads and sales. After a poor experience on a mobile device, 40 percent of users… Read more »

Why Hire a Design Agency Instead of Wix?

Why Hire a Design Agency Instead of Wix?

Why Hire a Design Agency Instead of Wix? Building a website for small businesses such as cafes and restaurants needs to be a job done by professional web design agencies. Online websites are available to help people create a website without coding. One such site is Wix. So the question is: Why Hire a Design… Read more »

Yoast SEO Configuration

Setting Up Yoast SEO Configuration Wizard

Setting Up Yoast SEO Configuration Wizard Although the creators of Yoast SEO strive to make it beginner-friendly, it is likely new users need help with using it. If you are new to Yoast, one of the first things you have to do is enter information correctly into the configuration wizard. Using the Configuration Wizard Install… Read more »

Important SEO trends

6 Most Important SEO Trends You Need to Know, 2020

With the rise of new businesses, the competition for readers’ attention is getting stiffer each day. Staying ahead of your competition on the PageRank, with the latest SEO practices, will enable your website to meet the specific requirements that Google uses to rank sites.  Google makes numerous changes in its search algorithm almost every year…. Read more »

Business website

5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Website

5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Website You know that most businesses have websites, but you’re on the fence. You aren’t sure if you want to take the plunge quite yet. Let’s go over some reasons why a website is important for your business, and you’ll see this isn’t just a fad. Websites are critical… Read more »

Designing an Effective Business Website web content

Tips for Designing an Effective Business Website

6 Tips for Designing an Effective Business Website For a business, your website will give your visitors the first impression of your brand. Therefore, excellent web design will go a long way in making a splendid first impression. It’s the first service your customers experience before they even have a chance to be sold on… Read more »