Why Hire a Design Agency Instead of Wix?

Why Hire a Design Agency Instead of Wix?

Why Hire a Design Agency Instead of Wix?

Building a website for small businesses such as cafes and restaurants needs to be a job done by professional web design agencies. Online websites are available to help people create a website without coding. One such site is Wix. So the question is: Why Hire a Design Agency Instead of Wix?

Problems with Wix

Wix receives relatively high customer satisfaction. But not everyone is pleased. Even the website states there may be another platform better suited for some jobs. Wix names two other platforms for those who generate six-figure monthly profits. Those types of business require a platform that is powerful enough to manage bulk orders and scaling.

This website goes on to say those in creative fields, such as graphics, art, or photography, might be better off using another platform. It gives credit to another service for its beautiful templates and a better ability to cater to creative areas. Wix points out the excellent blogging feature of yet another platform that well-established bloggers use.

A downside of using Wix is part of the narrative. Users cannot switch templates after publishing a site. The information warns about rushing to pick a template because switching will cause a loss of content and customization. Live chat is a feature that is not currently available on Wix.

The web page also tells you that Wix has been unable to crack multi-channel selling. Selling products directly on marketplaces and social media is not possible. This company offers a separate marketing subscription that costs somewhere between $9 to $45 per month for live chats, email marketing, and social media posts.

Wix Gives a Summary Review

The Wix Review: Summary states the Wix platform is for a personal website or small business. It again points out Wix does not have everything for everybody. In the second paragraph of the web page, Wix lists the pros and cons. ‘Cons’ is a longer list. Items include:

    • * Its inability to switch templates after the website goes live
    • * Having to spend money on third party apps to scale the website
    • * An overwhelming amount of customizable options.

    Hiring a Design Agency

    In theory, people can have the ability to build their own website, but in reality, hiring a design agency is a more sensible option. Often business owners lack the experience needed to put together an attractive website that ranks well. Those who try usually spend weeks doing so. As a result, there have a mediocre site. Often the core business suffers. Time spent working on a website is better utilized elsewhere, such as serving customers and marketing. Most entrepreneurs find it makes more sense to hire a web designer. Tips to help in making a choice include:

    • * Looking for an experienced team
    • * Ask to see a portfolio of past work
    • * Be on the same wavelength as the designer

    Producing a website needs to be a collaborative effort in which there is deep client involvement. A team bounces off ideas, and the customer considers the suggestions. In that way, the channels of communication are open, and information flows freely. Designers can interpret and understand what the client needs to meet the requirements.